Discover our rental service, in two versions:

If you prefer to visit Milan on Segway by yourself, renting may be the best choice. All you need is your ID, and your credit card (VISA / MC). Reservation preferred.
Maximum 2 Segways rented without our assistant, and in any case the Management, due to current conditions, reserves the right to evaluate the availability, and the organizational conditions, of the rental service.

1 hour: 25,00 € /each segway
2 hour: 45,00 € /each segway
3 hour: 60,00 € /each segway
Half Day (4 hours): 70,00 € /each segway
1 Day (10 am – 6 pm): 85,00 € /each segway

Professional Rent

You can choose between two advantageous options to rent Segway: the first one, Free rent, allows you to visit Milan autonomously on a Segway; the second one, Professional rent, offers customized solutions (from 1 day up to one year) tailored for your business, your company or your outlet.
By booking a Downtown-tour you will also have a Milan tour guide included in price.