Discover Milan attractions from a different point of view such as Brera District, Porta Nuova Skyscrapers, the rooftop of Duomo Square and more!

Summer season is the best moment to visit Milan staying outside: weather is sunny, hot and the sunset arrives after 8 p.m., not bad huh?

So here 5 places you must see in Milan on Summer from a different point of view:


Breakfast on the top of Galleria

Rooftop Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II milan italy panorama skyline sunset

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the symbols of Milan, together with Duomo Cathedral.

The Galleria and its rooftop was built in XIX century and is dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele II, the king that made Milan join the Reign of Italy.

Milanese people refer to Galleria as the lounge of the city (“Il Salotto di Milano”). Here it is where you can find beautiful mosaics, luxury shops and historical café.

Did you know that you can have breakfast on the rooftop?

From Monday to Friday (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.), you can enjoy a breakfast with a tasty tiramisù: an amazing meal framed by a the unique landscape of Milan historical center.


Duomo Cathedral Rooftop

duomo milan rooftop sunset marble italy belvedere panorama

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From the spiers of the Duomo you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the whole city!

You can climb up to the tops by the elevator (€ 13) or the stairs (€ 9): we recommend you the second way.

If you are lucky and climb up the Duomo on a day of clear sky, you can admire the various skyscrapers and the Alps in the background!

Try to climb on the terraces of the Duomo during the sunset, so that you can enjoy all the warm colors with which the marbles are colored.



Sky Terrace Milano Scala

Sky Terrace Milano Scala panorama aperitif finger food sunset italy

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In the heart of Brera District, Sky Terrace  is the 8th-floor terrace at Hotel Milano Scala, offering 360 ° views over the rooftops and skyline of the city.

Once you get back from the show, visit the city garden (a stairway down the stairs), the great hotel novelty.

Here, the chef takes many ingredients for his dishes and finger food is served at the aperitif.

Sky Terrace is perfect for an elegant and romantic happy hour, accompanied by finger food and breathtaking views.


Torre Branca

torre branca duomo milano italy skyline panorama

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A few steps from the Sforza Castle, in Sempione Park, you can visit the Branca Tower.

Designed by Giò Ponti in 1933 on the occasion of the 5th Triennial Exhibition, the tower was entirely restored and made accessible again by the Brothers Branca after whom the tower is named.

At a height of 108.6 meters, a modern lift system allows the climb to the covered belvedere cabin.

In fine weather, from the hexagonal platform on top you can see the skyline of Milan and a good part of the Lombardy plain with the Alps and the Apennines.

The climb to the tower costs € 5, and is free on Wednesdays for retirees and children.


Palazzo Lombardia

palazzo Lombardia skyscraper milan italy belvedere skyline

The new Palace of the Lombardy Region is open for free to the public almost every Sunday.

You really have to climb the 39th floor to the Belvedere (161 meters high) and admire the whole city in all its majesty.

You will get lost admiring Milan from above: Central Railway Station, the skyscrapers of Gae Aulenti,  the Meazza Stadium, the dome of the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele, the Sforza Castle and the Duomo Cathedral!

Note: the building will be closed on Sundays 13th, 20th and 27th of August.


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