Planning a trip to Milan? Come and enjoy the wonderful Navigli area!
 A guide to visit Navigli on foot, bicycle and Segway… Without getting tired!


The history of Navigli District

The Navigli are a system of canals that connected Milan for centuries with lakes, rivers in Lombardy for commercial exchanges.

When people of Milan refer to Navigli they usually speak about the Naviglio Pavese and Naviglio Grande, in the southern area characterized by Movida: restaurants, music and urban art.

Nowadays, the Navigli district is a very popular place: read more to discover some of the most interesting places of Milan.


What to see in Navigli Area

navigli district in milan

Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio

If you are coming in Milan on summer, the best moment to visit Navigli area is at afternoon and evening.

That’s because most of the commercial activities among the river are pubs and restaurants, that are closed during the morning.

However if you want to go among the Navigli Area in the morning, join us on our Group Morning Tour on Segway!

Next to Navigli river you will find Ticinese District, one of the most fascinating areas of the city not only for its cultural value and historical buildings (such as the Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio and the Basilica of San Lorenzo), but also for fashion, underground pop culture and nightlife.




Navigli: a food experience

navigli district milan Italy segway tour food experience bike rental walking tour

Credits to Pastai in Darsena

Navigli district is full of pubs, restaurants and wine bars.

The choice is very wide: social groups that are different for age, social and cultural development, indeed, attend the two banks of the “alzaia del Naviglio Grande”.

During the aperitivo time (happy hour), young people line the streets, followed by teenagers (especially on Friday and Saturday nights), while on Sunday the target is expanding thanks to the presence of families with children and the elderly.

As you can see, the field of catering services is adapting to a target very diverse, so there are the traditional Milanese trattoria, then pubs with buffet indicated mainly for aperitivo, as well as ice cream shops, pizzerias and cafes.

Navigli area is the heart of underground pop culture: that’s why this is the perfect place if you want to taste organic and veggie food mixed to Italian traditional cuisine.

We recommend you some nice places such as:

Universo Vegano
The Meatball Family
Pastai in Darsena
28 Posti


Walking in Navigli Area: the Hipster Culture

hipster culture in navigli district milan Italy

Hipsterism doesn’t corncern only milanese food experience, but also music, urban art and fashion.

Walking among Navigli canals, you will see many showroom, ateliers and indie shops, managed by young creatives and vintage addicted.


What about urban art in Milan?

Navigli district ticinese street art in milan Italy segway tour bike rental

Take your time for a walk in corso di Porta Ticinese in the morning, when shops are still closed and the streets are not so crowded.

At every step, showcases, main doors, walls, shutters, graffiti, sketches, cutting sentences, thoughts, cultivated quotes and popular ones attract our look.
Among all these messages and word jokes, you will find one that will reflect your personality, if you just have irony!

That why this street has been renamed by artists Via dell’Ironia (Irony Street) – it’s not a consequence, it’s a necessity.


How to reach Navigli District

Navigli area is very well connected thanks to public transport, pedestrian areas and bicycle paths.

If you are moving by public transport, stop at Porta Genova Railway Station (M2 Green Line) or take Tramway number 9.

If you prefer to ride among the canals, rent a bike in our shop from € 5,00/h or join to our Segway Tour with a licensed tourist guide.

Enjoy your trip!